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Coaching Services

Discover AR Coaching’s complete offer. Tailored coaching and personal development services, perfectly adjusted to your needs, to optimize your leadership and management skills… But above all a way to gain freedom, autonomy, balance and fullfilment.     


A coaching service adapted to leaders & executives, using the Leadership Circle Profile™, to identify reactive tendencies, transform them into creative competencies and thus optimize leadership and governance skills.    


A coaching offer dedicated to Managers and SMEs entrepreneurs. A co-active process aimed at maximizing one’s potential, developing new professionnal goals and implementing  the right strategies to achieve them.

Life coaching

A co-active coaching devoted to every individual, regardless of his/her professional background, family situation or age.  It is based on the Co-Active® Model, a unique methodology that helps you to take back control of your life and live it to the fullest.

Who am I ?

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Leadership Circle certified, owner of a MSc in Management, a 25-year professional experience in various branches. But also a naturally curious, multicultural person, an expatriate and a chess player. There are so many different ways to describe me.  

So I have decided to synthesize these different aspects of my personality and use them to help you.  

Helping you to spread your wings, free yourself from your shackles, cognitive biases and limiting beliefs, to find back the path to progression and fulfillment. Yes, coaching allows you to leave your comfort zone, explore your conscience and break free. Because the freedom to be yourself is the key to success !


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Feel free to check my blog, which is regularly udated… And keep posted about coaching and personal development.