Who is your coach ?

My story

I had to wait until I was in my forties to grasp the obvious. Almost 25 years of experience, between travels and expatriation, wage labor and entrepreneurship, encounters and discoveries, mistakes and fresh starts, to understand that what mattered the most to me was others…   

To create, nurture and cherish relationships. To listen, help and support each person who was crossing my path. To meet other people, discover their individuality and encourage them to assume their identity.  

Over the years I did it unconsciously, without realizing that this taste of others could become a job. 

In 2018 I was hired as Client Relationship Manager at Leadership Circle, one of the major players in the coaching sector. A brand new environnement to me. Amongst my roles, assisting coaches in their training process as well interacting with them on a daily basis. Consequently, I’ve learned more about their job.

Meanwhile, I started to consider the option of becoming a coach myself. Because what was buried deep inside me – the taste of others – perfectly matched that activity.  

When mentioning this possibility to some of my relatives and acquaintances, all had the same reaction: “That’s all you !”.  The obvious was there, in front of me, all along, without me seeing it…

 My background in a few key facts:

  • MSc Business Performance Management (Aarhus School of Business, Denmark)
  • 25 year experience in various branches
  • Entrepreurship
  • International experience : France, UK, Denmark, Germany, USA, Rwanda, Spain
  • Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC)  
  • Leader Circle Profile™ Certified Coach
  • Collective Leadership Assessment™ Certified Coach
  • ORSC™ (Organization & Relationships Systems Coaching) Fundamentals Certified
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach

My coaching

During coaching sessions I mainly use world-renowned tools & method, which are ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited.


The Co-Active Model

It is based on the idea that leadership cannot only be defined by roles or responsibilities, but rather that every person has a leader within her/him and that there are a thousand ways to actually lead - a team, a business or one's life. Nevertheless, this inner leader is too often "trapped" in a limiting context: race for performance,  age of immediacy, results-orientation. This contextual grip leads to repetitive and disconnected actions and sometimes, to a deep discomfort. This is where co-active coaching comes in: a constructive, receptive and integrated coach-coachee relationship, which allows the coachee to give meaning to her/his actions, be more grounded and finally, reconnect to herself/himself. 

leadership circle

The Leadership Circle Profile™

The LCP is a 360-degree assessment and the perfect synthesis of multiple scientific research (psychology, neurosciences, statistics...). This consistent and valid measurement tool provides a detailed overview of behavior, underlying beliefs and habits of thought which can affect (positively or negatively) performance. By becoming aware of their reactives tendencies and creative competencies, leaders benefit from a valuable and insightful tool to raise their level of consciousness and thus, make transformative and life-saving changes.

A question ?

Need to know more about one of the services ?  Just curious about coaching ?  Specific request about an offer ? Want to try a 30-minute trial session ?  



I was lucky enough to do a full LCP with Regis. For the truly first time I saw what I knew, deep down my stomach. Both challenges and strengths. Regis provided clear and strong thinking for myself as well as clear actions to work with. The LCP was far superior to what I've tried before. I am grateful !
The professional coaching sessions I had with Regis Altadill proved very useful. His listening skills and ability to guide helped me gain perspective, identify by myself possible solutions to my issues, unlock new opportunities and get the "push" I needed to grow professionally.
I got an LCP with Regis Altadill, followed by coaching sessions. The experience was humbling and impactful. The “360°” assessment helps me significantly to identify my strengths and opportunities for development. Regis is a strong listener, his approach and coaching style put you in a trustful environment which is very valuable when creating a roadmap on your professional development.