My coaching services

3 Profiles, 3 Offers

Coaching for Leaders

A co-active coaching for executives, senior managers and team or department leaders, using a proven, reliable and transformative tool: the Leadership Circle Profile™.

The approach: a 360assessment which, by compiling feedback from your professional network (N +1, peers, N – 1) and treating them statistically and methodologically, makes it possible to measure both reactive tendencies and creative competencies characterizing your leadership style. Then, based on the results, a co-active coaching to lead you towards a more effective leadership.  

The objectives:

  • to discover your creative competencies – vision, capacity to empower others, integrity, authenticity, courage…;
  • to determine your reactive tendencies – self-limiting postures such as excessive caution, control, self-protection, need for validation, aggressivity…;
  • to rebalance your behaviors,  thinking patterns, assumptions and beliefs, raise your level of consciousness and thus, find the right path to performance.  
The result: a powerful approach to moving towards a more creative, visionary and successful leadership. 



Coaching for Managers & Entrepreneurs

A service adapted to managers and SMEs entrepreneurs. However this type of co-active coaching can also benefit all professionals who wish to change their work approach and in extenso their life path.   

The approach: co-active coaching is about unveiling the creativity and richness inherent to  everyone, in order to achieve personal development and growth. Through ongoing dialogue and practical exercises, I help you to bring out the resources and answers that lie dormant in you. 

The objectives

  • to have a fulfilled professional and personal life, in harmony with your values;  
  • to change your perspective on challenges and reach your goals;   
  • to get to know yourself better and better accept your feelings and emotions;  
  • to take full responsibility for your actions, decisions and pledges.  

The result:  the emergence of new solutions to move forward, overcome obstacles and achieve your full potential.   



Life Coaching

An offer for everyone, regardless of your job, family situation or age. Life coaching invites you to take back control of your life, redraw its contours and live it to the fullest.    

The approach: life coaching is based on the use of the Co-Active® Model. This methodology, imbued with philosophy and psychology, relies on constructive conversations and immersive experiences. The aim is to create a space conducive to the emergence of creative, transformational and sustainable solutions for the coachee.

The objectives

  • to make choices that are more aligned with your values and consequently, to gain authenticity; 
  • to accept your emotions, both pleasant and uncomfortable, and transform them into strengths to move forward;
  • to see your life in a new light;
  • to understand your impact on others and on the world;
  • to develop your abilities and actions beyond your comfort zone;
  • to give more meaning to your life.
The result: a path to greater wholeness (fulfilment), balance and better appreciation of the present moment (mindfulness).